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Kyle Lowry Is Way Too Old To Be Picking Up FaceTime Calls, Even If They're From Drake

So Reags blogged about everything going on with the Toronto Raptors right now and you should definitely go back to read that blog if you haven't already. But the one thing that really sticks out to me here wasn't  that Drake decided to FaceTime Kyle Lowry during his post-game presser in what could very well be Kyle Lowry's final post-game presser as a member of the Toronto Raptors. But it was the fact that Kyle Lowry picked that call up. 

Today is Kyle Lowry's 35th birthday. Which, as a sidenote, makes it a perfect day for the Raptors to send him home to Philly for the price of Furkan Korkmaz and Mike Scott as a birthday present. But yeah, Kyle Lowry is now 35 today. Making him way too old to even consider taking any FaceTime calls. I'm coming up on 29 and there's never been a FaceTime to come across my phone that I haven't immediately responded with a text saying "busy right now, will call back later". Doesn't matter what I'm doing or what time of the day it is, FaceTime is just too much of a young man's game for me to want to deal with. I'd prefer for it to be a text but it can't be a text, it can be a call. If it can't be a call, I don't want to have to deal with it in that moment. 

Now the only positive to take out of this is that maybe Kyle Lowry just feels much younger than he actually is. Age is just a mindset, after all. So if he still feels like he's 25, well then I'm pretty excited for when the Sixers eventually pull off this trade today and won't have to worry about him being an old ass man on the court. But it's still pretty mind blowing that he didn't immediately hit the decline button on that FT and tell Drake to just call him back later like an adult. 

Anyway, listen to Big E and bring him home.