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Checking In On The Raptors - Teammates Had To Hold Pascal Siakam Back From Fighting Nick Nurse While Drake Is Crashing Interviews

Oh, well then. Remember a couple years ago when Pascal Siakam was a breakout player, everyone expected him to win Most Improved Player and was going to help be the face of the Raptors. Now we're at a time where they are trading Kyle Lowry, Siakam is getting fined for going after refs and now this story of him being held back in a fight with Nick Nurse is out there. At least he has a valid reason. 

That's true! It's all true! Shit, I actually agree here. Things happen in locker rooms, granted you shouldn't cross lines and get personal. But shit happens, especially when you're losing. Fights happen. I actually would love hearing this if I'm a Raptors fan. I want my guys to be competitive as shit and hate losing. I want my guys to be pissed that they are worse than the Celtics, who also might hate each other. 

Don't worry though. Drake is here to make everything okay: 

The only person that's a bigger egomaniac in terms of relative to their team in sports is Sister Jean. Both Drake and Sister Jean know where the cameras are all times. They need to chime in. I don't care that it's probably Kyle Lowry's last game. You don't need to be part of the interview, Aubrey. 

Back to the fight though, good news though. Nurse doesn't think it's awkward

Again, I'd love hearing that if I'm a Raptors fan. Sometimes teams just need to scrap and you move on. Shit happens. I need to know just how personal it got. Let us know what was said to cross the line.