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Attention Chicago Stoolies: I Need Your Help With This New Video Series "Chicago Food Fights"

This is the first episode in what I would describe as an idea I've been kicking around in my head for a long time. Consider it a concerted starting point for a broader conversation about local food places across Chicago, and I'm hoping to get your help with the project. This only works if you guys put me to work so do me a favor and get involved. Here's what I mean. 

Food Fights can be a way to show off all the local spots you guys love. No disrespect to the big chains but I grew up on a corner hot dog/gyro stand called Rosie's at 103rd and Cicero. That's my spot and I would legitimately argue it to the death that their gyro special (easy sauce) is unbeatable. And I know I'm not alone in this sentiment about my hometown spot that I grew up on. If you're from around here, you should have one of these places you just absolutely love. 

With that in mind, I want to get out there and try these places. But I need help because they're not my spots. I need expertise. I need some gladiators. 

What I'd like to do is get a running list of people who would be willing to go on camera with me and defend their spot. I want to go out with the diehards and see you guys square off face to face. If I get enough participants, I can start matching it up by neighborhood. Say one guy absolutely loves Red Hots on Ashland. Another guy loves a single slice of deep dish from Art of Pizza. That's the kind of fight I want to promote. 

In episode 1 it was just me vs. me and I'll continue to do that until I get some good inventory of submissions. But ultimately I want this to be something I can take on the road. Let's go up to Arlington Heights and get two spots up there in fight. Or let's go out to New Lenox or some shit and see what they have going on. The more submissions I get, the easier it will be to set this party started. 

If you're interested in participating which means going on camera with me and ultimately the internet, follow these instructions: 

1. Email carl@barstoolsports.com subject heading FOOD FIGHTS 

2. Give me name, location and what your order is from this place. 

3. Why you think it deserves to fight

I'll start building a list with the hope that I can schedule some food fights across town. If it doesn't work then so what at least I tried. For now I think this could be pretty fun but that will all depend on you guys. If it's just me going around town eating gyros that will get old really fucking quick. 

Thanks for your time and don't be bashful about participating. I want to make this happen.