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QUESTION: Is Joe Flacco Still #ELITE?

ANSWER: Who gives a shit? The Eagles needed another QB and they got another QB. Albeit, at double the price of what he was paid last year when he was backup on the 2-14 Jets and went 0-4 as a starter, but a QB nonetheless. Huzzah, Howie! Huzzah!

But I guess the #ELITE debate is still someway, somehow still relevant because...

Um...didn't like two weeks ago it came out that there would be no open competition for the QB position by the orders of Lord Lurie himself? And now the official franchise stance from Eagles PR spud-dick Dave Spadaro is the job is up for grabs? HOW CAN THIS FRANCHISE CONTINUE TO PISS ON PEOPLE'S FACES AND TELL THEM IT'S RAINING?!?!?! Philly is the one of the most intelligent fanbases in the country. Treat the people like it, one time. Remember: We're not all morons - Ask us how. 

This was the leading topic Rone and myself went over on this week's First Time, Long Time - Barstool Philly's only and totally unsanctioned Barstool Sports podcast:

We did, however, give Howie a compliment. WELL DONE GOOD SIR for signing FA safety Anthony Harris to a one-year deal. A great player and a great move. Yes, hell hath froze over. Unrelated to related: Here is me vs. Anthony Harris playing Madden last year. Awesome dude, just zero honor on the Rock/Paper/Scissors field and/or hypothetical Oklahoma Drill scenarios: