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Owner Jeffrey Lurie Has Instructed The Eagles Front Office/Coaching Staff Jalen Hurts Is QB1 And There Won't Be A Competition...Wait, What???

PFT - The Eagles have not declared Jalen Hurts their starting quarterback for 2021, but team owner Jeffrey Lurie is reportedly putting out word that he wants Hurts to have the job. Lurie has instructed the team’s decision-makers to prioritize making Hurts successful in 2021, as opposed to creating a quarterback competition, according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN. Mortensen also said that new Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni “understands that what the owner wants, the owner gets.”

HA! "Whatever the owner wants, the owner gets". That's a healthy, totally not dysfunctional football franchise right there. And it's AWESOME to have the owner get involved in personell decisions. Almost too amazing. As history proves, NFL owners that have become increasingly involved in their team's decisions have worked out FABULOUSLY in the past. Daniel Snyder, senile Jerry Jones, seniler Al Davis. All of them did wonders with their squads while directly calling the shots.

Where were ya on this thinking 12 months ago before your GM for some reason drafted Jalen Hurts in the 2nd round after hitching the franchise wagon to the gingerdick of Carson Wentz, Jeffy? Would've been smart rational FUCKING COMMON SENSE back then, too, right? RIGHT?!?!?! And the sad thing is, Lurie isn't wrong here. Giving Hurts a shot as the Eagles QB with as little distractions as possible is the right move for the team this year. However, if Lurie doesn't trust the front office/coaching staff to make that right move to the point he's forced to direct the franchise altering decisions...What. The. SHIT. Get people in there you actually trust to make the right calls, man. Why is it this difficult?!?!?  

Oh well. 'Tis another day at the always functional Novacare Complex in South Philly. Also, I'm not sure how this correlates or why it popped in my head writing the blog, but you can never fully trust somebody who throws cornhole overhand. Can't. Won't. 

Oh no, Jeffrey. Please, no. I don't care if it went in. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in awhile. Overhanding a cornhole toss like that is not a good look for you, me, Philly, or humanity as a whole. Not to mention he was 2 feet in front of the board. That kind of behavior will get you stabbed in Jetro. Keep away from the common folk activities, please. At least until you get the trust back.

Overhand aside, it's actually not a the worst touch from the Lord of the Birds. If anything, I expected it to look more like a gentleman throwing a foreign object with their opposite hand. Kudos for at least not coming across like one of these: