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Mark Few Breaking Out A Handstand To Celebrate Making The Sweet 16 Is An A+++ Move

One of the best things of the NCAA Tournament is the celebrations in the locker room. There are a handful of different ones. But, Mark Few doing a handstand will always be pure gold to me. I mean the dude deserves it. He’s one of the elite coaches in the country. 

Nothing has been more true this year as Gonzaga is trying to go undefeated. Should the No. 1 overall seed celebrate like this for making the Sweet 16? Fuck yes. Always celebrate. It's the NCAA Tournament. It's the one thing you should ALWAYS, ALWAYS go crazy for. Look at Ohio State or Texas. Imagine not celebrating beating Oral Roberts? So you know what? Dance your ass off. Celebrate. You're trying to make history. 

This time of the year it's all about momentum. It's all about good juju. That's what Gonzaga has right now. They are beating the shit out of teams. All they do is beat everyone by double digits. All they do is have two lottery picks plus another All-American in Drew Timme. All they do is have Andrew Nembhard as the fucking fifth option. Joel Ayayi is the most underrated player in the country. All they do is live up to expectations. Does Gonzaga have a title? No. This is the first year where it feels like title or bust. All they do is win. 

Shout out Mark Few. This is an A+ celebration.