Dana White Announces Khabib Is OFFICIALLY Retired - "29-0 It Is."

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Well there it is folks. Khabib is ACTUALLY retired.

I don't think this shouldn't be too surprising for anyone. For starters, Khabib's been saying he's retired for five months now.

Secondly, since Khabib is a guy who has said he has zero interest in ever fighting at 170lbs - who is there at 155lbs who has displayed anything that suggests they'd even put up a fight against him recently? 

Look at what Poirier just did to McGregor….and then consider Poirier got SMOKED by Khabib just like the rest. 

Khabib is just a supergrappler. Never seen anything like it. Once in a lifetime fighter.

Obligatory child Khabib wrestling a bear:


In the words of Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz, "Thnks fr th Mmrs, even tho they weren't so great."