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The Barstool Sportsbook X Nick Mercs MFAM Bracket Challenge Is Live

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Barstool whats going on today man listen, we've officially made it to bracket season. The next 5 days will be a blur of nothing but hoops, booze, food & more hoops and I for one couldn't be more excited about it.  Everyone will be taking the next few days to fill out a multitude of brackets, ponder their picks & hope for the best. As part of Barstool Sportsbooks collaboration with Nick Mercs & the MFAM, we are teaming up to give you yet another opportunity to fill out a bracket (for free) & win some pretty life changing* prizes if you come in first place


The winner of the 1st ever Barstool Sportsbook X MFAM bracket challenge will receive……drum roll please…..

Giphy Images.


just kidding 

The winner will actually be receiving $2000 sent to you directly from Nick Mercs himself via the Cash App plus an exclusive MFAM merch package so new and so exclusive when I asked for pictures  to include in the blog I was told the artwork was still being finalized 

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Plus a $500 giftcard to the Barstool Sports store which you can spend on the hottest Spring fashion items of 2021

Enter the bracket here (it's free to enter) make those upset picks that you're to scared to make in your other brackets, take chances, be a legend and win. 

PS - If you are in Michigan, PA or Chicago get involved in our Barstool Sportsbook exclusive March Madness promos they are the best in the biz, me and Eddie are going to shock the world this weekend