Tyler Glasnow Was Dicing Up Pirates Yesterday And Looked Damn Good Doing It

You think Tyler Glasnow was fired up to rock that green hat yesterday? It sure did look like he. He was his typical self when it came to the K category, carving up a 7 Pirates yesterday. One watch of the video above and you can tell how disgusting he was. I mean he made Gregory Polanco look like an absolute fool. It's hard to look more lost than Polanco was. He had it all working yesterday, fastball was BUZZING, filthy back foot slider, and the curve was on point too. This is a guy that I wish we got a full season of last year because he is a man. May be a decent pick to win the Cy Young award too, just a thought. 

How are you supposed to concentrate against this guy too? He's like 7 feet tall, has the wingspan of a pterodactyl, has a great head of hair, and he looks like he's jumping off the mound at you. Now forget the 4 runs and 1 HR in 4 innings yesterday, that was lucky. You aren't going to do that every time off Glasnow, you're lucky this was only spring training and he's just getting into game shape. He's going to dominate this season and I can't wait to watch. I also want it on record that I don't hate the green hats and that blue together, I think it goes together pretty well. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go back and watch that back foot slider 5 more times.