This Sopranos/Goodfellas Trivia Night Is The Most Long Island Shit I've Ever Seen

Love. Love. LOVE!

Long Island never fails, man. Just an Island full of fun-loving guidos to the point of us literally having Italian pop culture trivia nights. Sopranos Trivia is one thing...television show trivia nights at bars happen all the time with say Friends & the Office. But to randomly throw in Goodfellas & the Godfather solely to make this an Italian pop culture is fucking AMAZING. 

And ya gotta give Mulcahy's credit they're always doing events that are for the people. This is a bar that has the best Billy Joel cover band in the world there once a month, has had a little band called pup punk play there, AND now they're doing Sopranos, Goodfellas, and the Godfather trivia. Now THAT is how you play to your audience. I think more bars need to play to their audiences quite like that. Not to mention $5 glasses of house wine all night long!

I'm just sad I can't go be apart of Soprafellas (just made that up in my head nbd) Trivia Night due to going to Chicago tomorrow because I think I would have been a MASSIVE threat. Granted I may have needed to bring an older Godfather-loving person to really compete as I'm not the biggest Godfather guy out there, but I still think we'd have a shot. Need Mulcahy's to bring this and Pup Punk back ASAP.