Minnesota Wild Coach Dean Evason Wants To Make It Clear His Guys "Can't Be Banging Each Other Down Low"

Debora Robinson. Getty Images.

The Minnesota Wild have managed to put together one of the more impressive first half of the season in the league so far this year. Most of that is due to the injection of rookie sensation Kirill "The Thrill" Kaprizov into the lineup. This kid is a highlight factory and you can tell that there's a huge energy bump he provides to the team. And there was just a story that came out from ESPN today detailing how much Kaprizov loves the team and how much the team loves him back. 

So the guys all clearly love each other, which is huge for locker room chemistry. But don't take that the wrong way, buster. Because Minnesota Wild head coach Dean Evason would like to make it abundantly clear that these dudes aren't banging each other down low. Not that there's anything wrong with that! 

I mean say what you want about the guy but that's a pretty solid coaching philosophy. Can't be banging each other down low when you banged the night before. ESPECIALLY not when you're getting hammered the next night. That's just simply too much for anybody to handle. Even in a shortened season, nobody can be nailing like that. Even a team like the Minnesota Wild who I think have a great mixture of veteran experience with some youthful talent. If any team in the league could be banging like that, it would be them. But Coach Evason put the kibosh on that one. 

Anyway, it's a funny quote but I don't have anything more to say about it now without running the joke completely into the ground. So let's just watch some Kirill highlights instead.