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Holy Shit Georgetown Actually Won The Big East Tournament

THERE'S OUR MAYHEM. What a ridiculous story and run man. Georgetown, the 8 seed, winning the Big East in MSG for Patrick Ewing. Throw in the fact it's the anniversary of the day they hired John Thompson and it's legit fantasy world. 

Think about where Georgetown was coming into this year. They lost Mac McClung and James Akinjo, two guys who were supposed to be Ewing's starting backcourt for four years. They had to find a way to make up for that since obviously Ewing wasn't recruiting guards as heavy with those there. They lost to Navy in the second game of the year. They started 1-5 in Big East play. Most people expected them to lose to Marquette in the first round.

Then they won. Then they went 23-for-23 from the line and upset Villanova. Then they held off Seton Hall. Then tonight.

It was a straight up ass kicking through and through. Shit, they didn't even get off to a good start. Creighton looked like they were going to run Georgetown out of the building to start the game. But they handled the first punch and Georgetown went on a 48-6 run. FORTY EIGHT TO SIX RUN. You don't see that shit in high major basketball. They are defending their asses off. They can shoot. 

Oh and this also means someone just got bounced from the NCAA Tournament. Georgetown is officially a bid stealer. That means Syracuse, Wichita State, Utah State and Drake are all officially on the hot seat until tomorrow. Really for the first time since Georgia in 2008 we have a complete bid stealer from a major conference like this. Shout out Pat Ewing though. What a damn run. 

Oh and this call by Gus Johnson is a 100 out of 10. Perfection.