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HE'S BAAAACCCKKKKK - It's So Damn Awesome That Rick Pitino Made The NCAA Tournament And Will Be A Coaching A 16 Seed

Rick fucking Pitino baby. This was the one thing all of America was cheering for today. Iona winning (and covering) against Fairfield. We deserved to have Pitino back in the NCAA Tournament and more importantly coaching a 16 seed there. Think about how insane this is going to look. Pitino is one of the 5 best coaches in college basketball history. He's won titles with Kentucky and Louisville*. He's now just the third person in history to take 5 different schools to the NCAA Tournament. I just wish there was a 1 seed that would really draw interest here. I want the Rick Pitino storyline of him going up against Louisville or Kentucky or K or Izzo or Roy. 

It was a hell of a year for Iona too. They were on COVID shut down so damn long that they only played 5 games from December 23 to the end of the regular season. Then they ran through the MAAC Tournament as a 9 seed. Now they are basically locked into a 16 seed. What a damn story. 

Also this timeline is outrageous: 

PS: What if Minnesota fired Richard Pitino just to hire Rick? You know you're kinda cheering for that now.