We Must Advance Past Restaurants Only Having One "Soup Of The Day"

-I’m sick and tired of restaurants only having one “soup of the day.” Why is this a commonly accepted practice? How hard could it be to have two soups in supply? I feel like all restaurants just do it because it’s the norm, but we have to break this practice. Restaurants can and should always have multiple soups available at all times. 

-I like how as a society we all came together and decided “Yeah stimulus checks? We’re just gonna call these stimmies now.” It sounds real cool. 

-One advantage of living in a cold weather city is that we get to experience that special first warm day of spring that people in warm weather cities don’t. In San Diego and Miami, it’s just beautiful and warm year round so they never know that feeling of the first 60 degree day of March in New York City and the pure euphoria that comes with it. 

-I bet Uber drivers prefer when they pick up multiple people instead of a solo rider. There’s less pressure for small talk and they get to just eavesdrop on a random conversation. Personally, I always try to perform with some entertaining chatter. 

-Whenever I sneeze around people but have my headphones in, I take them out so I don’t miss out on a potential “God Bless You” and then look rude for not saying “thank you.” But if I don’t get a “God Bless You” then it feels like wasted effort and I get annoyed that I took my headphones out for nothing. 

-A panini is to a sandwich what a flatbread is to pizza. 

-If there’s ever a Jeopardy question about architecture and you just guess “Frank Lloyd Wright” you have a 90% chance of being right. 

-I have always said I would never do LSD or any psychedelics like that because my mind is my greatest asset and I don’t want it corrupted. But now I almost think I should try it as a challenge. I want to prove my mind is too strong to be warped into seeing dragons and lizards and lava and whatever else acid does to you. 

Thank you for your time.