In 2010 Someone Held A Bitcoin Poker Tournament Where He Added A Cool 1,000 BTC To The Prize Pool...aka $56,000,000 In Current Value


Holy shit.

That's about all the words I can muster up right now. Holy fucking shit.

Let's take a breath and realize what we just read.

In 2010, someone on a message board organized a poker tournament where the buy-in was 55 bitcoin. As far as I can tell, 1 bitcoin was about 0.0025 cents at the time, meaning it was about a 14 CENT buy-in poker tournament.

So to juice it up a bit, the person running it added 1,000 BTC to the prizepool. I am having a hard time even grasping what I'm typing right now, knowing what we know now. He simply added 1,000 BTC. It was worth nothing. It was just for laughs. MY GOD.

Fast forward to today. As of this sentence I'm typing right now, the poker tournament buy-in is the equivalent of $3,123,398.30. 

First place was $42,591,795.

And he added $56,789,060 out of his own pocket.

I can't breathe. 

Man. What a world we live in, eh? And who knows, maybe the winner sold their BTC when it hit a dollar. Or maybe they held forever. We might never know. What a crazy, crazy story. Right up there with the legend who bought a pizza for 10,000 BTC. He set two records that day- first ever purchase using BTC, and most expensive pizza ever made.



If only we all listened to Lightswitch back in 2016, man, how rich we'd be. To be fair, I did buy BTC, but not enough. I was mocked when I had 70% of my net worth in BTC, not so funny now, but if only I bought more. And for what it's worth, if you never bought any, it's still not too late. Just start buying pieces every payday. If you don't, the institutions will.