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PSG Fans Set Off A Shit Ton Of Fireworks Outside Of Barcelona's Team Hotel At 4am Because Soccer Fans Are Ruthless

I'll be honest, not even shocked. Barcelona fans tried doing this to PSG a couple weeks ago and we're talking Champions League soccer here. There was zero chance PSG wouldn't respond. These are legit fireworks at 4am. I was out here thinking it would be a little smaller (common line) or just a few. NOPE. It's like the goddamn 4th of July over there in Paris. This is what Barcelona fans tried doing a couple weeks ago: 

That's NOTHING. Makes sense why PSG scored 4 goals over there in Barcelona. Now they have that lead with 4 away goals to advance to the Champions League quarters. It's not even like PSG needs the help. They shouldn't blow that lead even to Barcelona. But we're talking European soccer fans. We've got NOTHING on European soccer fans over here in the States. I love every part of this. THAT is how you affect a game. Oh you need your sleep before the big match? Well, it’s going to sound like we’re in the middle of war outside.

How pissed are you if you're just a regular ass person in this hotel? Trying to get some sleep and got woken up to a zillion fireworks going off outside your hotel. You just gotta chalk that up as a loss and go about your day. Drink two pots of coffee, start the day at 4. Brutal.