The Future Generations Of Lacrosse Enforcers Are Clearly In Good Hands

I'll admit that every once in a while, I get nervous that the nerds are going to win the war on fighting in sports. Every so often, the idea creeps into my head that maybe these dorks are so vocal about getting rid of fighting that they might actually succeed. I fear that my lifelong mission of saving the enforcers will all be for nothing. 

And then I see a video like this pop up on my feed. A video that reminds me that there will always be more of us than there will be of them. That there will always be more people who understand the role of the enforcer than the nerds who just want to get it out of the game because they haven't been able to create any analytics for it yet. The future of the enforcer? It's right here. The young kids who don't even know how to spell enforcer yet, but they know that if someone takes the liberty against you with a greasy hit, that you pop right back up and let a couple of fists fly. I couldn't be prouder right now. It brings a tear to my eye. 

Sidenote: Why don't they make light up sneakers in adult sizes? Feel like there's a market that needs to be filled there. It might not last for long but the immediate purchases that would come in based on nostalgia alone would be huge.