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ACC Player of the Year Moses Wright Was a Zero-Star Recruit Whose Only Other Offer Was From a Division II School

I generally stand resolute with my colleague Jack Mac in the stance that recruiting is much more science than art and is incredibly important. You can draw a direct correlation every single year between the best college football and basketball teams and how well they recruit. And this story certainly doesn't change any of that, but it is cool every once in a while to see guys who prove everybody wrong.

Enter Georgia Tech's Moses Wright, a zero-star recruit who just became ACC Player of the Year. Wright, whose only other scholarship offer was to Division II Catawba, finished his senior season averaging 18 points and 8.1 rebounds per game on 54.2 percent shooting from the field. He became the first Georgia Tech player to win the award since Dennis Scott in 1990 and led the Yellow Jackets to (likely) their first NCAA Tournament appearance since 2010. And you see guys who were two- and three-star recruits who make it big all the time, but this is the first time I recall seeing a zero-star recruit with one Division I offer become Player of the Year in a power conference.

Josh Pastner had a pretty rocky go of it in his first few years in Atlanta, but having a guy like Wright win ACC POY as a senior after being a zero-star recruit — and getting a team which started the season with losses to Georgia State and Mercer to the NCAA Tournament — definitely reflects pretty well on him and his staff. Good for all of those guys.

I will always fight anyone who wants to try to downplay recruiting, but sometimes we need the exceptions that prove the rule. And this one is definitely pretty cool.  Congrats to Wright on such a great accomplishment to finish his college career.