Jeremy Piven Would Be Down To Play Ari Gold Again On An Entourage Reboot And Thinks It Should Go Right On HBOMax

Listen, I typically don't care much about TV during this time of the year. All attention on college basketball from 11am-1am, blog, wake up do it again. Best time of the year. BUT, I saw this clip and figured let's talk about it (plus Entourage still gets crazy pageviews numbers and I'm a blogger). Everything is getting a reboot these days and of course Entourage is still one of those shows that is in the rotation for so many people - myself included. It's an easy rewatch. I don't care if it's Vinny wondering how he'll land a job, Drama dropping baby bro, E panicking, rinse repeat. It's still a show we watched for a damn near decade and throughout college. 

I always wondered how guys like Jeremy Piven, who is 100% known as Ari Gold now, feel about stuff like this. This is a life long actor and comedian. He probably gets called Ari by fans as much as he gets called Jeremy. Maybe mix in a cheese from time to time: 

But the fact is A LOT of people love Entourage - myself included. Go ahead and make the immature, lazy, fratboy show. Whatever, I like what I like. I just don't know how a reboot would really work with the whole crew. Thought the movie sort of tied up the show perfectly. It felt right. We got the show, we got the movie, feel like that was perfect. What I do like is the idea pitched by Glenny to which Jeremy Piven teased: 

Give me that. Give me Ari and Lloyd running the LA Golds Make it a mix of Ballers and Entourage. You can get plenty of cameos, think of all the athlete cameos in Entourage. Ari can own the Golds while Lloyd is a player agent. The two were excellent together in pretty much every scene. 

Hell you can bring back the original cast for special appearances. Like I said, I don't think you can do a true Entourage reboot, but this? We can get the wheels kicking on this. Why not? There are a million shows out there all going to different streaming services, what's one more? At the minimum give us what Piven joked about. Give us the 5 or 6 guys auditioning for other parts. I'd love to see Vince try out for E or Lloyd for Drama. We're getting table reads from old shows, one off special episodes and reboots. Add Entourage to the list. 

Launch it during the summer when we're in the dog days of sports. Give it to us when we only have baseball to watch. Ratings will be there, trust me.