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Play Some Spittin' Chiclets Props Then Watch Our Live Stream Tonight At 8PM

We have a sweet match-up on tap for tonight's Spittin' Chiclets Live Stream as the Maple Leafs visit the Oilers. That means the two #1 overall picks from 2015 and 2016 will be going head-to-head tonight and you can bet on either guy to record more points than the other. If you like Connor McDavid to have more points and bet 100, you win 150. If you take Auston Matthews and wager 100, you get back 263. And if you think the two superstars tie, you win 165 for every 100 risked.

But Connor and Auston aren't the only two superstars playing in the game tonight. You can also bet on both Mitch Marner and Leon Draisaitl scoring a goal tonight. If both guys do score and you bet 100, you get back 625 (boosted from 550).

We're also offering an over/under of 1.5 for the second period. If you want to bet OVER 1.5 you have to risk 210 to make 100. But if you take UNDER 1.5 and bet 100, you win 155.

We also have this prop: "will both teams score in the 3rd period tonight?" If you don't think both teams will score in the 3rd, you have to risk 157 to make 100. If you think both the Leafs and Oilers score in the 3rd and risk 100, you win 116 if they do.

We also have a pair of NHL Boosts for tonight's slate. You can put 100 down that both the Bruins and Blues win tonight and if they do, you win 215 (boosted from 167). 

You can also make the same play using Vegas and Colorado. If you think the Golden Knights and Avs both win tonight and bet 100, you win 180 if they do (boosted from 148).

Whatever you do tonight, be sure to tune into the Spittin' Chiclets live stream at 8PM.

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