We've Got To Deal With Space Hurricanes Now....SPACE HURRICANES

Fuckin a man. Scientists just love to make up new cool/terrifying names for things that happen in nature for the first time. Remember the Bomb Cyclone? I assumed that was the end of the world right then and there just off the title. Well now we gotta deal with Space Hurricanes. As if normal hurricanes weren't wreaking havoc enough on this planet. A space hurricane sounds like something you'd see in a comic book that the Fantastic Four have to handle and it only goes away when someone sacrifices themselves. There's no way we have anything on Earth that can deal with a space hurricane. No shot. 

The space hurricane “rained” electrons instead of water, had multiple spiral arms and lasted eight hours before gradually fizzing, researchers said.

There was literally a blog yesterday about a space hotel being operational by 2027. 

HAHAHAHA who the hell is going up to the space hotel when we've got space hurricanes circling the block? 2021 heard about us all getting vaccines by end of May and going back to normal lives and said not so fast. Unleash the space hurricane! Roland Emmerich is furious he didn't think of this first for his next movie. 

Life is going to be so bad on Earth in 100 years when we're all gone. Our kid's kid's lives are gonna blow. Right now we're dealing with pandemics, snow in Texas that almost shut down life down there, fires that are uncontrollable, hurricanes, you name it. That shit is only gonna get worse and thankfully we'll be nothing but ashes by then. Go out and enjoy your life today, for the most part we have it good compared to what it's going to be in a century.