Finally A Ref That We Can Respect - Meet Ekaterina Kostyunina, Russia's Hottest Soccer Referee

[Source] - Russian referee, Ekaterina Kostyunina, is often said to be the "most beautiful football official" with fans frequently swooning over her sensational social media posts.

Nowadays, she referees semi-professional football games but hopes to one day officiate Russian Premier League games while dreaming of later becoming a FIFA-accredited referee.

It's no secret I don't respect refs. Never have, never will. In fact I think college basketball refs are ruining college basketball games because they are obsessed with calling charges. Shit, we had the Baylor/WVU game basically sealed on a shitty charge call. 

Just disgusting. The worst part is there is no punishment, there's no repercussion for continuing to make shitty calls. We have to watch the same refs out there because it's an old boys club. I still want to find a way to get these guys truly full time, bring in former players who aren't playing anywhere, get training year round and improve. It's only better for the sport. Too often everyone is talking about horrible calls deciding games or putting the best players on the bench. That can't be the talking point for the majority of games. 

In soccer there's Mike Dean. If you watch soccer, you know the name. No need to get into it. But I want to get into the name Ekaterina Kostyunina. Finally a ref I can respect. Sure she might be the world's hottest ref, I don't see much of a debate here. But the fact that she's still grinding it out in semi-pro soccer to make her dream come true? That's someone I want to watch! You don't care though. You saw the headline and want pictures. Here are pictures. 



USMNT and Ekaterina Kostyunina. Back to back World Cup champs.