Everything Is Going Fine At Indiana - During A Must-Win Game Its Best Player Got Caught Pouting And Yelling 'Fuck You' During A Team Huddle

I see everything is going according to plan at Indiana. Just another free-fall and ready to miss the Tournament again. In other words, another March in Bloomington. Shit, you know it's bad when the fanbase is even turning on the one shining point of the team in Trayce Jackson-Davis. You'd think they'd defend him screaming fuck you at someone during a huddle. At least he's showing a desire to win as Indiana lost its 4th straight game. 

No one is quite sure who exactly he's yelling at or what's going on here. But to put everything in context, he had the 5th most field goal attempts last night for Indiana. 5th! I don't care if he was in a bit of foul trouble, TJD should be the leader in field goal attempts for Indiana. He's your best player. He's the only one that really you can get excited about. Shit, he's the reason Indiana was sniffing the bubble for the majority of the year. Now in a must-win game you have him losing his shit. You HATE to see it. 

I do look forward to some Indiana fans still talking about how they can hire Brad Stevens. It's my favorite thing every year when Indiana realizes they are a middling program that hasn't had real success since the national title game outside of maybe 1 year. You're not hiring Stevens. He's not coming back to Indiana.