If You Want To Feel Useless, Watch These Tiktoks from OUTER SPACE

It's always obvious when I've been down a Tiktok hole, because the next day all I can blog about are Tiktoks. Last night I was up until around 3am on a new account I found, which takes footage from the astronauts in space and turns them into funny Tiktok trends. That's a pretty casual sentence. Astronauts, taking selfies and videos, from space. And from Mars. That's really insane, right?

Whenever I see things like this I always get the urge to call my grandparents. They are both in their mid eighties, and they usually keep up with the internet as best as they can. My Grandpa bets on horses, my Nana posts photos on Facebook. They have a joint Instagram too, but there isn't enough time in the world for me to explain Tiktok to them. Imagine I try to explain that at one point in their lifetime, "outer space" was basically a myth. And now we have a whole slew of people living up there, dicking around with a camera and calling out flat-earthers. Is there any better proof of the earth being round that videos directly from space? No. 

Awesome account. Space freaks me out. Never felt so small. Have a great, meaningless day!