If You're On The Rockets, Don't You Even Dare To Think About Talking Shit To James Harden In Front Of Kyrie Irving

I have no idea why but I can't stop laughing at how ridiculous this quote is. Kyrie half threatening the entire Rockets organization to not talk shit to James Harden. Yeah, man. I'm sure they'll all stay quiet and not say one bad word during the entire 48 minutes with James Harden coming back. Shit talking is part of the game. In fact we need more shit talking in sports. I say it all the time, but shit talking is a needed thing in the world. You shit talk with friends, you shit talk with enemies and if you're playing a sport, shit talking is one of the keys to it. 

Also what's Kyrie going to do here? What happens if John Wall and PJ Tucker decide to rile shit up? Kyrie isn't going to fight. He'll probably have some long ass dialogue about shit talking instead. We're coming to enjoy the game of basketball? Shut the fuck up dude. You can enjoy the game of basketball and talk shit. Well, unless you're John Wall. 

I love that quote so much. Sure, the Rockets have lost 12 in a row. That shit is ass. Really just a great way to describe everything going on in Houston right now. As for Harden, I still say his decade in Houston was a success. The Rockets were good, they just couldn't beat the Warriors. That's not a knock, it was damn impossible to beat the Warriors. It was the most successful run the Rockets had since Hakeem won 2 titles. It was more successful than Yao/T-Mac. At the same time Harden quit on the Rockets this year. To quote Wall, that shit is ass. People have every right to talk shit to Harden. He quit on them to get what he wanted.