UPDATE: JJ Watt Is Claiming He Doesn't Even Have A "Bike"...Which Is Just Another Clue To This Puzzle


My, my, my, what a tricky web that is being weaved. Earlier today it was widely reported that JJ Watt was goofin' around, changing his Peloton profile to say he has narrowed down his choices to either Green Bay, Cleveland, or Buffalo. Everyone, myself included, bought it up because it seems like exactly the type of thing JJ would do. I have no regrets- when every actual NFL reporter is running with it, I am too. 

But now, JJ has released a statement about #PelotonGate:



Interesting, interesting. I'd like to make 2 points here:

1) He said bike, not Peloton. So he is not denying that bio could still be his.

2) If he doesn't own a bike, that's another hint that he's going to where else, but Green Bay.

Everyone knows the Green Bay tradition of borrowing children's bikes to ride to camp, which he actually took part in not too long ago:



 So JJ saying he doesn't have a bike is another clue that he will need a bike to ride to camp in the summer? Hmmmmm.

I think all signs point to Green Bay. But maybe Buffalo. I think Cleveland is a distant 3rd. 

Also, chances this is a paid advertisement for Peloton and we're all living in the Matrix? I hate that even came to my mind. Nothing is real anymore.