US Soccer Star Weston McKennie Seems To Be Enjoying His Time Playing In Italy

Our guy Weston McKennie went viral over the weekend. I really wish it was for continuing to play his ass off for Juventus, but instead it's him getting caught staring at Diletta Leotta's ass. Just a hilarious image of him bright-eyed, mouth agape. I'm sure he's watching the match and it was the right angle, but that's not nearly as funny. Haven't seen someone stare at an ass like this since this incident: 

Like I said though, Weston McKennie is AWESOME. One of the faces of the present and future for the USMNT. A reason we're going back-to-back in World Cups. 4 goals in 20 matches for Juventus, not too shabby. Able to do shit like this? 

Getting a guy like McKennie to play for Juventus is HUGE for USMNT too. Gone are the days where every player is playing in the MLS and we may have someone on loan or playing in the EPL. Here are the days where our starting XI is starting in Italy, Bundesliga and the EPL. That's why the USMNT is ready to make a jump. I'll always love the days of Tim Howard, Landon, Brian McBride, Carlos Bocanegra, etc. But this new group is ready. 

Oh and for the girl he's 'checking out'? Just the person I've called the hottest person in the world. Diletta Leotta: