This 1/1 Luka Doncic Card Just Sold For $4.6 Million Making It The Most Expensive NBA Card Ever


Move over MJ, Lebron, and Zion, there's a new big dog in town. Honus Wagner? Never heard of em. Why? Because this Luka Doncic 2018-2019 National Treasures rookie card just became the most expensive NBA card in history. Shyne150 on Instagram posted that he just sold the card to his friend and business partner, Nick Fiorello for $4.6 million. Insane amounts of money for a card. You see they did some adjustments for the package of cards and got it down to $4 million total, but the Luka card still sold for $4.6 million. It is kind of weird that he sold it to his friend and business partner, but thats a conversation for another day. 

This is the perfect storm of things you want on the card. Auto, rookie card, patch, and a 1/1. Normally you're happy with any of those, but this is the holy grail. It's not even graded either, let that thing go to PSA and get a 10 and who knows what kind of money you'll see. I wrote about this Zion going for $750K a few weeks back and that Zion looks like trash compared to this one now. Power move paying for it in a check too, esp with "Luka 1/1" being the reason for the check. And look at the auto by Luca! Can't even get a full name? Just a "LuLu"? Anyway, it's a super sweet card with a MASSIVE price tag. Anxious to see what card tops this one next. Maybe Coley will pull one of these on stream next week?