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Anyone Want To Chip In $750K For This 1 Of 1 Zion Williamson Card?


Anyone got some extra coin laying around and want to pony up $750K for the holy grail of sports cards right now? This logoman 1/1 Zion Williamson Rookie Panini card that is a PSA Mint 9 goes up for auction today through Golden Auctions and is expected to go for up to $750,000. You won't find a bigger basketball card than the Zion with the logo, and it's not even signed by him either! It's just the patch from one of his rookie jersey. You can see the card being pulled here and the stunned look on the breakers face when he sees what he just pulled, it starts right around 12:10.



Per TMZ, Paul from Australia, paid $750 for his chance to win 1 single card from this box, 1 card, that's it. He randomly got chosen for the Pelicans, and then the magic happened. That's the insane thing about these breaks. You're basically playing the lottery, and Paul won big. You take your chances and maybe you get the Pelicans and have a chance to get a Zion card or maybe you get the Wizards and you're basically SOL. Minimum bid is starting at $150,000 and it's expected to be a hot card. If this thing creeps up towards a million, it'll be unreal. As long at this kid keeps producing on the court and stays healthy, these card prices are going to keep skyrocketing, just a testament to how good he is. Now it's time to sit back and watch the price soar on this card.