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#LetsGetRipped Recap - Dallas Starts Some Box Wars And Coley Pulled Vanessa Hudgen's Boyfriends Auto

Another episode of #LetsGetRipped for your Friday night viewings and it was a good one. We had the Mick Man himself Coley back for another rip. Had him batting leadoff and he went for it with some NBA Hoops 2020-21. He said he saw them at Target, with his own eyes and everything. Insane because I've never seen Hoops in all my time of card hunting. Be like Coley, if you can find retail, buy it. Never know when you'll see it again. Let's jump into some of the quick highlights. 

Dallas and Coley were going back and forth about the NBA and Coley was explaining that the Celtics were just learning to play basketball again because they've stunk recently. That's when Dallas saw the gold shimmer in the distance. Boom, a Jesus Luzardo Gold card sitting right there. "EL PROBLEMA"! Dallas knows all about this guy, very familiar with his work. And if you aren't paying attention to Luzardo, you should be. Going to have a huge season.

Coley kept the ripping going and pulled one of the better looking cards of the night. Ja Morant SLAM magazine cover insert. We saw him with the Kobe SLAM cover last week, I haven't looked at or read about the inserts but I'm guessing you'll get one in every few packs. It's a fantastic looking card. That jersey on the cover really pops, a super cool insert if you ask me. 

Dallas had the bright idea of doing "Box Wars". We figured out that we all had our own Topps Chrome Update boxes, so to mix it up and make it fun we figured we could compare boxes after we opened them head to head, winner takes the opponents cards. Coley started out super hot, and in his second pack ripped a Cole Tucker Auto. Yes, Vanessa Hudgens very own boyfriend. IMO that would have won the box right there, an auto is an auto. And with it being a nice, young player, thats a win in my eyes. Coley came out on top and now gets all of the cards Dallas pulled from that box. 

As is tradition Dallas opened some of his Topps Chrome Black. 4 cards, 3 base and 1 auto. The auto is always the fun part. Never know who it could be. Maybe you see an Astros hat and think it's Alex Bregman….or maybe it turns out to be Yuli Gurriel. 

I tapped in after my radio appearance and did a little box war with Dallas my self. He had the better first pack, but my second pack was a murderers row. Started out with a Mike Trout base, then onto a "Decades Next" Juan Soto, straight into a David Ortiz HR Derby card, and ending with an Eric Davis HR Derby card. Some great looking cards, especially that Soto one, really looks good. Our box war went to OT and we're still trying to decide a winner (me, it was me).

We finished the night with another Topps Chrome Black opening. The auto card had us fooled. We did the reveal and I could have sworn it was a Mets helmet from the 80s. It had the old school look, the beat up helmet, would have bet my life it was Gary Carter. We had all kinds of guesses in the chat, Piazza, Strawberry, Doc, Keith Hernandez, and it turned out to be…..Jeff McNeil. Mr. Stoolie himself. Hell of a golfer and an unreal baseball player for your New York Mets. 

There you have it, we had the box wars, some awesome NBA Cards, tons of MLB again, and of course the autos. If you aren't doing anything on Friday nights join us on the Starting 9 Instagram as we do a deep dive into the card game. We're hoping to get other content people on so if you have anyone you wanna see let us know and maybe we can get them some boxes. As always, let us know what you think and if theres anything different you all would like to see us do. 

Keep on card hunting and ripping those packs.