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Vanessa Hudgens And Her Number 1 Fan Cole Tucker Are Officially Dating Which Is Great News For Everyone Who Ever Wanted To Date Their Dream Girl


On the left is Cole Tucker, short stop for the Pittsburgh Pirates. 

On the right is Vanessa Hudgens, extremely attractive actress who is quite good at the WAP Dance.

As you can tell from that picture, they are what is referred to as "Instagram Official", or in previous decades, "dating". 

Now, everyone knows who Vanessa Hudgens is. She's world famous and boasts 40.5 million followers on Instagram. I'd assume fewer know who he is, as he currently has 73,000 followers and one of his pictures is of The Rocket. 



Hey, I know him!

So you might be wondering, "how did he land her?". And I'm not here to speculate, I'm here to congratulate. Because it's fucking awesome. Not that Jared's pal is dating a top tier bazooka launcher, but because he is also a huge fan of hers from back in the day:



And now just 8 short years later, he's literally dating the queen of High School Musical. Well played, bro, well played.


And so let this be a happy lesson for all of us- don't give up on your dream girl. Sure it probably helps to be a professional baseball player, but I mean, a dreamer can still dream. Nina Agdal, it's still not too late for us!