2020 First Round Pick, Isaiah Wilson Tweets That He Is "Done With Football As A Titan" After Playing Only 4 Snaps All Year, Getting A DUI, Being Suspended, And 2 Trips To The Covid List

First and foremost, I hope Isaiah Wilson gets the help he needs, because god knows this kid needs it. Wilson tweeted the above tweet out last night and then deleted it 10 minutes later, but the internet never sleeps so we all got to see it. Hell of a handle too, literally says lazy.

He was drafted 29th overall out of Georgia by the Titans in May and was projected to slide right into a starting spot on one of the best o-lines in football. Instead he only played four (4) snaps all season and may be in the conversation as the biggest bust of all time. At 6'6" 350 pounds I think everyone thought this guy was going to be a PROBLEM. Well, turns out he was, but not a good problem. He didn't even get the chance to open holes for Derrick Henry or pass protect for Ryan Tannehill in 2020 and had literally the worst rookie season you could have. 

In September he got a DUI where he was found doing donuts in the middle of an intersection until he lost control of his car and hit a wall. He was suspended for violating team rules, got put on the COVID Reserve List twice, including once in training camp when he was caught at a party at Tennessee State and tried to jump off a second floor balcony when police showed up. He played 4 snaps (1 PAT and 3 kneel downs) all season, all 4 coming vs the Colts in a blowout win in November but then he was suspended the next week and eventually placed on the non-football injury list for "personal issues" and sent home for the rest of the season. Hell of a rookie season for Isaiah. 

Titans GM Jon Robinson seems fed up with Wilson and rumors have been swirling that the Titans could cut bait with Wilson and set him free. Seems like he has all the talent in the world but has 0 desire to put that talent to use in the NFL. Robinson had a press conference last week where he basically said it's up to Wilson if he wants to do what it takes to play football or not in 2021. Personally I think he's toast as a Titan, I think Mike Vrabel may just fight him and send him on his way. He seems like a bigger Dwayne Haskins, a guy who wants to be a professional football player, but has 0 interest in playing football. He wants the money and lifestyle of an NFL player but doesn't want to suit up. Cant have it, can't win with it, won't win with it. For his sake I hope the Titans get rid of him, get some money back, he figures his life out and lives a long happy life, it just most likely won't be in a Titans uniform. He’s too talented not to play somewhere, I’m sure someone will take a flyer on the 22 year-old, but buyer beware. The team hasn’t said anything since he deleted the tweet but you’ve got to think this ends his “career” as a Titan.