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Kevin Durant Leaving Wiz Khalifa Outside Of A Club Proves He's The WORST Type Of Friend

[Source] - “Kevin Durant, that’s the homie from back in the day. You remember when you left me outside the club?” the rapper said with a joint in hand. “Yeah, man, he left me outside the club. We was ’bout to get in the club and they looked at him and they (presumably the bouncers) looked at everybody he was with, and they was like, ‘Y’all can get in but he can’t.’ [Durant] was like, ‘Bro, I’m going to see you later, yo.’”

We've all been here before. You show up to a bar or a club with a handful of friends and one person always gets denied. Maybe they show up wearing a hat or they are too drunk - looking at you Justin in Nashville - but the bouncer takes one look and refuses to let them in. You have a split second to make a decision here. Your options are: 

1. Try to negotiate with the bouncer to get everyone in

2. Make a group decision to go to a different bar/club

3. Do what Kevin Durant did, tell your friend too bad and go in and get drunk as hell

Typically I'd say what KD did here wasn't a problem except for one major detail. He invited Wiz there! The only reason Wiz showed up was because of Kevin Durant. 

Wiz went on to say that the only reason he went to the club was because he had received an invitation from Durant. 

I don't care if you're Kevin Durant, Kevin Malone or Kevin from sales, if you invite someone out you handcuff yourself to them until you get into said establishment. There are rules in society and that's one of them. Once you get into the club, you can go separate ways, chase girls, do whatever you want. But you can't invite a friend and just bail on them. Not to mention you ARE Kevin Durant. You should be able to negotiate with the bounce pretty easily here. Also how does Wiz get denied? We're talking about the guy from the Oreos commercial and a rapper. Feel like he should be able to get into a club with Kevin Durant too. 

Good to see Wiz battle back though: 

“But what I did, though … I got back, right? And I came back in the club and I met him in there, you know what I’m saying,” Wiz said. “’Cause I’m not no slouch, you feel me? No love lost, playa … It’s all good. Don’t even trip. It’s not your fault.”

That's how you save a night! Like I said, we've all been there. We've all been Wiz and we've all been KD. For me and you that's a ruined night right off the bat. You can't have bad juju going into a club if you're trying to get fucked up and have a night. Can't leave a guy behind until he says 'it's fine, I'll head out.' You jump on that. But you can't be the one saying 'sorry, we're heading in.' That's being a friend. 

PS: Roll Up still plays.