Start Monday With The Herb Brooks Speech On The 41st Anniversary Of The "Miracle On Ice"

The greatest moment in sports history and the greatest pregame speech in movie history. Thank god this movie exists because without it we are getting into the territory of time where the grandness of the moment is being faded by history. Those college kids going up against the Red Army Soviet Machine are now literally collecting social security. Without Herb Brooks being perfectly captured by Kurt Russell the majority of our readership would have zero memory or understanding of that game and what it meant to America on the world stage. 

I have a call to action for the internet though. I need a favor. When I originally bought the DVD for "Miracle" it had two discs. One was the movie, obviously, and the other was this behind the scenes "making the miracle" and it included this incredible hour or so long interview with Herb Brooks before he died. Brooks was just sitting down at what looked like a hotel conference room table with the producers of the movie. No real lights. No production and seemingly no editing. Someone just decided to like prop up a handheld camcorder and hit record. It was just Brooks telling the story of the team. It was incredible and raw. I no longer have the DVD because it got buried somewhere in my parents' basement in probably 2007. I have searched far and wide for this DVD on the internet. Nobody has uploaded it anywhere. I can't even find a reference to it anywhere on the internet. That thing needs to be found. It needs to be shared. The world should have access to Herb Brooks' brain directly from his mouth. It was really his last words on the subject before a car crash took his life. Go home. Scour your parents house. Find that dvd and put it on the internet so the public can see it. Thank you. 

Here are all the goals from the greatest moment in sports history