Crazy Video: A Chicago Fire Fighter Leapt From A Burning Building On Live TV This Morning Like A Certified Bad Ass

WGN - Unbelievable video from WGN News’ Skycam 9 captured a firefighter jumping to safety while battling a massive fire in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood.

A mayday call was issued after an extra-alarm fire started around 7 a.m. Friday at a building in the 2700 block of South Lowe. Power lines in the area were catching fire, causing a bigger problem for firefighters to control the flames.

When Skycam 9 arrived to the scene, fire crews were seen sliding down a ladder from the roof as smoke overtook the area. One firefighter, who was stranded on the roof, was captured jumping to the building next door to safety.

According to Chicago fire officials, all crew members are accounted for. At least six firefighters were transported to area hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries.

Firefighters in Chicago and in general don't get enough love. 

Talk about a brutal fuckin profession. Literally a war of fire and ice this morning over in Bridgeport. Single-degree temps aren't the most ideal circumstance to have to blast water in but you don't really have a choice when trying to battle a seven-alarm fire. 

This gentleman apparently got stuck and surrounded by flames and the only way out was the roof. 

I know that jump might not look that far for all you hardo's out there, but keep in mind this is three stories high, and this guy has at least 30 pounds of gear on him (according to my firefighter friend). 

I don't know many people that could make that jump, or that have the balls to attempt that jump, without an extra 30 lbs. 

7 firefighters were injured battling this blaze so prayers and positive thoughts go out to them on full recoveries.

Hats off to this guy and all the CFD.