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A Disgusting Display: Joe Buck Used To Drink Beer And Tequila Before Calling Games


Few people have a such a high-pressure, and high-profile, job as Joe Buck does when he is broadcasting a Super Bowl or World Series game to millions of people on Fox Sports. He has been doing that for decades, with huge moments never being too big for him to handle as he navigates that as well as anybody in the business ever has done.

Being on the big stage makes him a big target for critics — especially in the current world of social media, along with the constant desire for the next headline at many commercial media outlets.

Buck has experienced that many times and is dealing with another controversy this week, something tied to old news. He has said before that he sometimes would have a sip of a drink to help him relax him in the booth, nothing out of line. The topic was brought up again while he recently was on Colin Cowherd’s podcast, as he discussed how he would stay calm while legions of people were listening to him describing what is unfolding on their television screens.

“I went through a couple years where in the first inning of every postseason baseball game, I had (an assistant) go get the biggest beer that the stadium sold,” Buck said. “And I had it sitting there, and I would sip it from time to time to remind myself to relax and have fun — I’m just doing a game.”

“Because Troy is a man of finer tastes, beer somehow became tequila, Grand Marnier and grapefruit juice,” Buck said. “We haven’t done it in a long time now. But it was good for a stretch, and I feel like it’s a good mental trigger to just chill and remind yourself that you’re not refueling an F-16 in midflight. You’re doing a sporting event, and if you treat it like anything other than that you’re doing yourself a disservice.”

What a complete scum bag that Joe Buck is. Can you believe this? Does he realize how many kids are watching the Super Bowl and World Series that will now turn into drunks themselves because Joe Buck used drink a brew or take a shot to get the nerves out of calling a game in front of the entire country? Clearly he doesn't give a shit. If your kid turns into a drunk, you can blame Joe Buck. It's nobody else's fault, only his. He's everything that is wrong with this country.






And here endeth my blatant sarcasm. I *hope* I speak for anyone with common sense when I say this, but ***channels inner Jay Cutler***


Seriously. Who gives a shit? Why is this a story? It'd be one thing if Buck were slurring his words on broadcasts or tried to play Ride Wit Me on the Touch Tunes in the middle of the game while spitting bad game at a 6, but he's not. He's as consummate a professional as can be and, like the article correctly states, has a REALLY pressure packed job. Speaking to a camera that has millions of people behind it has to be terrifying. Take it from me, I'd know.

Here's a link to my infamous gum video because it won't let me embed it for some reason so you can rip on me in the comment section.  

The best part of the article is that the author says media outlets are always looking for a big headline for people to beat their dicks to without acknowledging that them calling Buck drinking a beer prior to going on camera a "controversy". It's almost as if Buck has revolutionized being shitfaced in the booth: 

Just get the fuck outta my face. Who cares? Seriously, people HAVE to make a big deal out of everything nowadays? Why must EVERYTHING be something? Why must EVERYTHING be a controversy? Why are people so hellbent on being miserable? Why do people get off on making other people look bad? It's driving me mad. Joe Buck, love him or hate him, works his dick off to be the best of the best and as far as I'm aware, doesn't have a single actual (keyword) blemish on his record, and I googled it to make sure.

Cancel cancel culture please. Let Joe Buck drink his beer and call games without the cancel mob trying to wipe him off our TV screens. Go be miserable elsewhere. The fact that there's an article mentioning Joe Buck saying he used to drink a beer before calling games makes me wanna puke. 

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