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A Fugitive In England Turned Himself In Because He Was Sick Of The People He Was Living With And Wanted 'Peace And Quiet'

I'm going to need some clarification here because there's almost zero doubt in my mind this guy was/is living with a significant other and potentially his kids. I say this as someone living with my significant other and son during all of coroanvirus. Some of the best moments of my day are during the work hours where I have some peace and quiet. Listen, I love my kid, but 1-year olds don't want, they need attention and they can't do much for themselves. You're trying to sit there and watch a game and the kid needs his train track set up that he uses for 45 seconds before he starts coloring for 10 seconds before wanting his cars. Rinse, repeat. 

Now here's where I have a problem. You're a fugitive and they don't say what crime you committed or how long you've been on the run, but you're clearly living not in jail. I don't know much about jail, but I know I prefer to stay out of it. Just seems like a logical thing to do to avoid the dementors. 

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Just go to a different house. If you're a fugitive you don't have to stay in one place, even during coronavirus. You can move about and find somewhere else to hide for a little. He didn’t even try to live somewhere else. He was like “welp, that’s enough free livin’ for me, I guess I’ll just go to JAIL”.  How bad can these people be that you were living with? Did they watch the TV with the volume on an odd number like a crazy person? Were they eating your food? What was so bad that you needed peace and quiet? 

I hate to break it to this fella, but I don't think jail is really peace and quiet. Think you might have a couple more problems on your hands.