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After Recording His 500th Career Point It's Time To Ask; Is Connor McDavid A Bust?

Connor McDavid notched his 500th career NHL point last night in the Oilers' 3-2 win over Winnipeg. A rather impressive feat at just 24-years of age. One which puts him on the trajectory to be considered one of the most elite players of all time. A milestone number which means that regardless of what happens throughout the rest of his career, he'll never end up in the same conversation as Alexandre Daigle or Patrik Stefan. 

But Sidney Crosby notched his 500th point at the tender age of 22 years and 244 days old. Mario Lemieux accomplished that feat at 22 years, 172 days old. And Wayne Gretzky? Well that maniac had pretty much just got done celebrating his 21st birthday when he put up #500 on the career. 

And even if we don't want to do it by age, and rather go by games played?

8th fastest? That means that Connor McDavid is playing on the 3rd line of great ones. Buddy is getting bottom 6 minutes here. Need to shorten the bench a little to get the boys going? He's not seeing a regular shift. So you tell me. Sure seems like a bust when you put it that way. 

Sidenote: I'm so damn happy for Jesse Puljujarvi. Looked like he was out of the league completely just a few short years into his career. Spends all of last season back home in Finland. And now he has 4 goals in Edmonton's last 6 games. Great move to get a number change this early in his career.