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Cam Newton Positively Crushes the Competition at the Roller Rink

TMZ You knew Cam Newton could dance ... but did you know he could dance AND skate at the same time?!?!

It's true ... TMZ Sports has obtained video of the NFL star tearing up the floor at a Georgia roller rink over the weekend -- AND THE FOOTAGE IS AMAZING!!

The 31-year-old New England Patriots quarterback hit up Sparkles in Smyrna, GA. with his family for Valentine's Day ... and he wasted no time getting his groove on.

We're told Cam -- in a loud, pink jacket and skinny jeans -- brought his own skates to the rink ... strapped them up and cut a rug all over the place all night long!! ...

One witness tells us Newton was SUPER friendly too ... taking selfies and chatting away with the rest of the skaters.

FYI -- we're told Cam does this pretty often, with one witness saying they spotted him out skating at a different Georgia rink just a few nights prior.

Cam Newton. Is there nothing he cannot do? Quarterback. National champion. No. 1 pick. Rookie of the Year. MVP. Suddenly frugal fashion icon. World class roller skater. 

Who knew? For one of the most recognizable athletes of the last decade-plus, he's certainly managed to keep this talent hidden. I mean, you'd think that a nationally known figure being a roller rink regular would get at least as much coverage as Mookie Betts' bowling or Bronson Arroyo's guitar. Having it sprung on us like this out of nowhere is like finding out Steph Curry is a "Great British Baking Show" caliber pastry chef or JJ Watt is an accomplished ballroom dancer or Tim Tebow wins rap battles. 

But at the same time, it explains a lot. Let's not forget, the narrative in the middle of last summer was that Newton and Bill Belichick wouldn't be a good "fit." That they're too different in terms of personality and approach to football and there was no way they'd be able to coexist. Well after a season together, we finally understand how they managed to bond so well in such a short span of time. They were united by the common bond shared only by roller skating enthusiasts.

Maybe if Tom Brady was capable of lacing them up and hitting the hardwood, he'd still be here. I just wish Newton's skills on wheels could've translated to the field last year. But maybe there's a Skating Football League out there that could use a man of his talents. I know New England can't. What a weird six months this has been.