Nobody Was Better At Ending People's Dreams Than Simon Cowell. The Greatest Reality Show Villain Whoever Lived

The greatest to ever do it. That dismissive attitude. The accent that gives him a sense of authority. The brutal and blatant honesty. Simon Cowell had no problem telling people to stop breathing the same air as him because telling them they weren't quite good enough wasn't enough for him. He wanted to destroy people for wasting his time. For wasting America's time. He surgically removed vocal cords with his mind and mouth. He probably wished he could physically rip the voice box out of several contestants, but he settled for bullying them off the stage and into depression. I am surprised that pfizer didn't set up shop right next to the American Idol auditions. Conference Room A you audition. Conference Room B you talk to Seacrest about your experience. Conference Room C is where you get your anti depressants. There was nobody better than him. He set the standard for judges for all shows for the rest of time. Nobody enjoyed crushing people like him though. He was an artist. All shows look for a Simon Cowell, but you can't teach what he has. Just a god given ability for not giving one single fuck about feelings. 

It's a real shame that the poll and the integrity of the draft were corrupted last night. 

I was within the margin of error before certain bad actors went in and corrupted the poll. Should we just throw out all of Ria's votes since those who voted for her are nothing but sycophants who didn't listen to the podcast or even look at the graphic? Snake drafts are about integrity, not cheerleading and using your audience. We want your audience, Ria, we just don't want your audience to blindly vote for you. Big difference. Ria had a great draft. She was a great guest. will people remember her? For competence or voter manipulation? Hard to know. I look forward to her coming back on at some point after she serves her suspension. 

Watch the entire snake draft here even though the poll has been corrupted