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I Have Many Questions About Will Compton Dipping His Peanut Butter Sandwich INTO His Chili

This is something we have to talk about, we just have to. Will Compton, resident linebacker of Barstool and also a chili fan, something I can vibe with. I saw this tweet come out from him yesterday and I did a triple take. Now it's freezing all over the country, theres snow and ice everywhere, so the obvious go to meal is chili. It's the perfect cold weather meal. Will scooped a big old bowl of chili and topped it off with some cheese. But this is where it goes off the rails. It appears that will makes a peanut butter sandwich (with a spoon for the peanut butter) but not to eat by itself, it makes the PB sandwich to dip it IN the chili like it's a chip. Am I going crazy? 

I have so many questions, just so many. #1 being how dare you? #2 being why peanut butter. I'm sure sandwiches would go well with and inside a chili, but is a peanut butter sandwich the best option? Is this a Missouri thing? How do we get to the bottom of this? It's not like peanut butter goes well with chili. In fact, I'd venture as far to say peanut butter doesn't go well with ANY meat. Part of me thinks it's just an act, like theres no bite taken out, no video of Will eating it and you can see the chili was already eaten. Is he playing us? Why not just put the chili on the sandwich? Is it a texture thing? Is this a pre snow shovel meal? Post? 

Now I've heard of interesting combinations with peanut butter, on burgers, on hot dogs, but dipping a peanut butter sandwich into chili is new to me. And here is the predicament I'm in. I LOVE peanut butter, as does my dog. And I also LOVE chili. So I think I have to try these together. If it's as bad as I think it's going to be than I have to ask Will why he does this voluntarily. If it's good I will have to issue an apology to chili and peanut butter sandwich twitter. I'm very curious to know how long this has been a meal in the Compton household. Now he is a much larger man than me, so I will not be fighting him like his tweet suggests, I just need some answers.