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Wacky Euro Skating In Underwear Face Plants Into Ice And Isn't The Least Bit Bothered

Check out fucking Hans over here! I don't exactly where this is but my guess is Amsterdam. That would explain this dude's total nonchalance after he absolutely ate that sheet of ice before falling into the frigid drink. Because my man did not have a care in the world nor was he in much of a hurry to get to warm, dry land. Just goes for a little swim, kicking around with CCM Super Tacks on his dogs. I swam in a mountain spring one time and I lost my breath and almost hyperventilated because the water was so cold. So I can't imagine how this dude is just hanging out like a seal in 30-something degree water. Hypothermia ain't got shit on him.

When he got to that rope, I thought he was gonna Basic Training his ass up it which would have been impressive as hell. Then when he started breaking the ice, I thought he wanted some company in the canal with him. But he was just greasing the skids for his escape. Thankfully, his boy Sven was there with a rope to pull him to safety like a jake saving a dog. After showing us his taint and taking a bow, he was a off like a shot to do who knows what. In his bloomers. On a frozen canal. Do you, Hans.