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And Just Like That RG3 Practiced Today And Was Named The Starter For Whenever He Is Ready


“I think he’s going to start individual drills this week,” said coach Jay Gruden. “As far as actually taking practice reps I think that will be at least another week. We’ll get him out there, do some individual drills, throw some balls to balls to the wideouts. That will be the first step. Then next week we’ll try to get him maybe in some practice situations and see where he is.”


I guess this is good. Because it’s not even halfway through October yet and the season is already done, so hey, why not have RG3 back and see what he can do? Sometimes I take a step back and think about how ridiculous this entire thing is. I cannot think of any other team in any other sport that has had the roller coaster like the Skins have had with RG3. And all the while I’ve been here documenting it. So we’ll just write another chapter.

**sarcasm font** What I’m really looking forward to is the draft talk. **/sarcasm font** Say When the Skins have a top 5 pick, how bad is Snyder going to be creaming his pants for Mariota and Jameis? He’s not going to be able to resist. Even if RG3 plays decently the remainder of the season, how can you trust a guy who has had his knee or leg shatter on him every year since the Clinton administration? While I think he could potentially be a good QB, it’s so hard to trust him. Some guys are just never going to be healthy, and he appears to be one. NFL Draft talk should be a certified blast.