The Super Bowl Streaker Got The Tecmo Bowl Treatment

I am a simple washed up man with simple washed up pleasures, so if I see someone recreate a viral moment using Tecmo Super Bowl, I am going to blog it. Half of Barstool's readers my not have even been alive when Tecmo Super Bowl came into our lives more than 30 years ago and I'm guessing a good chunk of my coworkers are in the same boat. But if somebody duct taped this video to the wall of a museum, I would consider it art and appraise it as somewhere in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not because the streaker was some seminal moment in sports. To be honest, I hope this is the last time we mention him since nothing is going to top Kevin Harlan's call from Sunday night.

But because Tecmo Bowl/Super Bowl was an absolute game changer that deserves to be remembered by the Olds and introduced to the Youngs who need to know that Tecmo Bo was Madden Vick and Real Life Patrick Mahomes before either existed.