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"PULL UP YOUR PANTS, TAKE OFF THE BRA, AND BE A MAN!" - Kevin Harlan's Call Of The Super Bowl Streaker Is Amazing

Easily the most memorable moment of the game and now it has the proper call to go along with it. We, as a society, need to keep Kevin Harlan locked in a room, eyes taped open Clockwork Orange style, watching every sport simultaneously in case stuff like this happens. That way, at a moment's notice, we can boot whoever the broadcast booth is in favor of Harlan to go full Picasso and paint a perfect picture. Romo and Nantz were about as lively as a funeral when this happened, meanwhile the radio audience is getting "PULL UP THOSE PANTS MY MAN!" People spend time debating Brady as the GOAT. No one even wastes their time when it comes to Harlan going ape shit any time something outside the norm happens.