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Diane Sawyer Shouldn't Be Allowed To Be A Journalist Anymore After The Way She Treated Britney Spears

I know the #FREEBRITNEY movement is popping right now after the NY Times doc episode "Framing Britney Spears" came out this past Friday. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend you take a good 20/20 look at how celebrities (specifically, women) were treated during the 2000s. 

Something I did not expect to see was an interview with Diane Sawyer. I grew up with the mindset of Diane being one of the greatest journalists ever. She always had stellar guests, she seemed non-threatening, and she always got the good gossip. I don't actually remember this interview in real time, so rewatching it this past weekend sparked a rage inside me that I didn't know I had. 

First she starts off shaming Britney for an artistic semi-nude photoshoot. Then she tells Britney how "mothers around the world" want to SHOOT HER. And then she DEFENDS THE MOTHERS!! Says "I get it!" WHAT THE FUCK DIANE? What the actual fuck are you talking about? Turn your crusty fucking nose up at another billionaire popstar, you fucking monster. Then she tries to make it seem like it was BRITNEYS FAULT that "poor Justin Timberlake" was heartbroken. She makes Britney as uncomfortable as possible, and then makes her cry. For what?? Because she was doing her JOB? This elitist, judgmental, badgering, insensitive, instigating, repugnant BITCH Diane Sawyer has seen the last of ANY fucking respect from the Britney Spears camp. In Yashar's tweet above, he says Diane needs to issue an apology. An apology?? Too little, too late you fucking crypt keeper. An apology out of your mouth would sound like a dusty fucking queef from your ancient vagina. Keep it in your cotton, full coverage underwear Diane. I don't ever want to hear what you have to say again. 

And don't think I'm not coming for your asses too, Jay Leno, Bette Midler, MATT LAUER THE RAPIST, Justin Timberlake, Perez Hilton, THE LIST GOES ON. 

FREE BRITNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!