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The Barstool Fund - Anthony’s Italian Kitchen

Up next: Anthony’s Italian Kitchen (Portland, ME)

Anthony’s Italian Kitchen uses fourth-generation recipes from Naples, Italy to serve its loyal customers. A local favorite, Anthony’s uses fresh ingredients and creativity to put some twists on old favorites. Their food is so good, you won’t be leaving room for dessert.



Reader Email

Anthony’s is an Italian Restaurant located in the Old Port neighborhood of Portland, ME. We have been serving the area for almost 30 years! (Incorporated in 1992) We are one of the longest running restaurants in Portland, and we primarily serve the majority of businesses in the surrounding area, including State and Federal courthouses (that have been closed almost exclusively throughout this) & the Police Station & Fire Station as well. We are a family-owned business, with three of my four children involved in the day-to-day operations with me. We originally hail from Winthrop, MA so we know how to make a real Italian sandwich! We moved up here right before opening up Anthony’s when my daughter Julie moved here to start her family and we have been a staple in the community ever since. The plan has always been to leave the restaurant to my son Mark, and my other daughter Karen. Family is a very important part of how Anthony's has been around for so long.

We regularly sponsor children’s sports teams, close down our dining room at night for fundraising dinners and donate food to local non-profits and frontline worker staff. The Portland Press Herald usually tries to feature us in a few articles about the extra work we do for the community outside of being a restaurant.

Anthony’s is in such dire straits due to the complete shutdown of office buildings, shops, the courthouses, schools, and a very bare tourist season this summer. We have very loyal customers who frequent Anthony’s, but it is just beginning to become too much for us to strictly rely on them until the city opens back up. Once we get to that point where Portland is even 60-70% back “open”, I think we can look forward to a continued strong run in the area, but who knows at what point that will be? Any amount that can help us keep our doors open, the lights on, and some money in my employee’s pockets would do wonders for us.
Thank you for your time in reading this!