Send Out The Smoke Patrol On Tennessee's Jack Daniels Themed 2015 Season Tickets

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 11.41.18 AM

Ahhh yeah you know we’re on full-blown “college football is coming (kind of)” fever when we’re sending out the smoke patrol on tickets. Not even jerseys. Tickets. But fuck it. These things are sweet!

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Me personally, I would have gone Bulleit themed. Maybe Woodford, or Makers if I was dropping price points*. But I get it, gotta have your tickets accessible to the common man.

Also you have to appreciate the sentiment symbolically for Tennessee fans who have had a lot of reasons to drink heavily over recent years.

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The thirst is real – literally, for booze, to try to forget the final score of the game you just watched.

*via @Whoopie: Woodford, Makers, and Bulleit are all from KY. probly not good themes for Tennessee tickets. <–excellent point. i retract this part of the blog. < p>