Stephen A Smith Says That Tom Brady Destroyed His Cell Phone... Ooooook, Stevie


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Oh wow. Big, breaking news from ESPN today. Tom Brady actually completely destroyed his phone in an attempt to hide it from Goodell and the rest of the NFL. Definitely, definitely not a good look for him here. If ever there was damning evidence, this is it. Probably even more damning than that ESPN report that said all of the Patriots balls were 2 pounds underweight and none of the Colts balls were, which started the entire Deflategate saga.


Oh wait, that one was total bullshit, had no credible sources and has yet to be corrected by either ESPN or the NFL? Interesting.



Look let’s ignore the fact that the only person at ESPN who knows what the fuck they’re talking about anymore is Adam Schefter. Hate him or not, what he says usually goes. Everyone else is out for ratings and stealing scoops, but Schefty is usually pretty spot on so unless I hear it from him then I don’t believe it. But more importantly, what does destroying your cell phone even do in 2015? Why would Brady even waste his time? It’s all on the cloud, whatever the fuck that is. I open my computer and all my texts are right there. A service provider could get all your messages. Destroying a phone does nothing to protect yourself and only an idiot wouldn’t know that. Guess what, my friends? Tom Brady isn’t an idiot. So yeah, I put exactly zero stock in this “report” that Stephen A Smith “heard” but “doesn’t know.”