Model's Photoshoot Interrupted In Miami When Illegal Immigrants Storm the Beach


BrowardPalmBeach – About 6 a.m. on July 10, Ekaterina Juskowski was shooting a video of her friend, a model, near 36th Street in the heart of Miami Beach. She noticed that a blue-green boat in the background — she thought it was a scuba boat — was coming closer to shore and thought, “They are ruining my video.” Juskowski shut off the camera for a moment but turned it back on when all of the men on the boat — about nine of them — jumped off and dashed across the sand and into the city, leaving the boat bobbing, empty, by the beach. Juskowski’s video illuminated how brazenly migrants are entering the country along the Florida coastline.

U.S. Border Patrol spokesperson Frank Miller said, “That’s a testament to how confident these organizations are — what we call transnational criminal organizations — who smuggle criminals and narcotics right onto the beach.” He said the incident was under investigation and noted, “There has been an increase in known maritime smuggling in Florida — from Key West all along the Florida coast — from fiscal year 2014 to now.”


First of all is this video even real? I mean what type of cockamammy model shoot was that? I’m not saying she was ugly but a model? With those tan lines?  The whole thing looked fake to me. She looked like she belonged on Pierre Woodman’s casting couch or something. And what was up with that soundtrack? Was this produced by the Delano pool or something? Weird. But let’s just assume this was a legit video and not some publicity stunt. As bad as it must suck to be an illegal alien it’s almost worth it just to sprint off the beach like that. I’d love to have that feeling one time. I’m not saying I want to escape and go on the journey. I’m not saying I want to be crammed below deck for 2 days. I don’t want the coast guard chasing me. I just wanna show up when the boat lands on shore and make that run for freedom. Must be exhilarating.  Can there be a better 100 yard dash than that?  In a way they’re the lucky ones.